What I’m Listening To

The new (hi-fi) record by KJ-52 entitled Dangerous is a solid effort, and well worth a listen.

If you are familiar with any previous work from KJ-52, this CD is different; but not in a bad way. His tunes here are all more “groovy,” and generally would be well suited for any dance club. 7 of the 12 tracks (“It’s Goin’ Down,” “They Like Me,” “Shake ‘Em Up,” “Brand New Day,” “Superhero,” “Speed That Light,” and “Go,”) will make you want to jump around and show off your best moves.

The album also includes a song called “Facemelt,” which is a harder rock/rap combo tune (again with a dance bent) where we get strong electric guitars and rock worthy riffs.  KJ proves he can slow down the tempo and craft nicely melodic tunes, as well, as evidenced by “So Far Apart” and the title track, “Dangerous.”  He also tops himself in silliness with the odd “Do the Bill Cosby.”

Lyrically, this is a great record overall (with exceptions being “Bill Cosby” and “It’s Goin’ Down,” which are basically fun dance tunes anyway.

KJ’s line in “Brand New Day” seems to hold true for this record as well; “I’m not where I want to be, but I’m not where I used to be.” A solid effort with a lot of good tunes.  If you like dance/rap, or like any of KJ-52’s previous records, get it!


Hey!  I got some new CDs for my birthday, and they are pretty awesome.

I’m just jamming along right now, actually.

The first one is the the new one by Israel:  Love God. Love People.

It’s basically an R&B cd, but it has more of a dance flavor on a few of the songs.  My favorite thing about it the use use of instrument cases as instruments on the 11th track.  It’s just cool.  Plus, everyone wants more drums.

Some of the choir jams on the medium/slow tracks have a typical sound (good! just not exactly new), but I like the mashup of R&B, dance, and funk he lays down on the faster tracks.


The second set of CDs (there were two discs! and I didn’t even know it!) is by old favorites the Black Crowes called Croweology.  If you couldn’t tell by the title, it’s a compilation of most of your favorite Crowes songs — there is a catch, though; they’re all acoustic.

As good as this CD is (and it is!) I kind of long for some screaming electric guitars on a some songs.  It works GREAT on tunes like “Jealous Again” and “She Talks To Angels,”  though.

If you’re in the mood to hear some new stuff, check them out!

From this morning’s drive to work.

I Will Hold My Head High

Third Day (Wire, 2004 Essential)

Sometimes the night starts closing in
And I’ve lost my way home again
I’m running out of places I can turn
Enemies on every side
Not a friend around for miles
That’s the time it really starts to hurt

Beat me up and drag me down
I’ll never be afraid

I will hold my head high
Lift my hands to the sky
Rise above all who try to bring me down
I will hold my head high

I know you said it’d be okay
Sometimes I question just the same
I wonder if my problems are too small
Then I look back and realize
All your pain and sacrifice
Oh and how you suffered for us all

Beat me up and drag me down
And lock me in or keep me out
Whatever they may throw at me
I’ll turn into a song for you

Mysterious Ways

U2 (Achtung Baby)

1991 Island

This song began as a jam session with a drum machine, and all the band liked was Adam Clayton’s bass part.  Bono said that this was a “bass line in search of a song,” and at one point had a big argument with the producer over the song.

The song finally took shape after The Edge began experimenting with a new effects pedal and Bono told him to use the effect for the song. Drummer Larry Mullen Jr.  added a drum track near the end of recording, introducing a “much groovier beat” that “demonstrated the difference between a drum machine and a real drummer”. Bono calls the song “U2 at our funkiest…Sly and the Family Stone meets Madchester Baggy.”

I don’t know if this is your favorite U2 song, but it’s a good one.  Or rather, “it’s alright, it’s alright.”

Bug Bytes

Alien Ant Farm (Spider-Man)

2002 Columbia

I have always liked Alien Ant Farm, and this track from the Spider-Man soundtrack is one of my favorites.  This song was never released on an Alien Ant farm album.  Plus, it has to do with Spider-Man, and most things having to do with Spider-Man are good (except Spider-Man 3 — that was just horrendous!).

My new song.

It was written in Charlotte, North Carolina on August the 2nd, 2010.

Shoot me an email if you want an MP3.  It’s free music.


How did I get here? Tell me how did I come here?
Did I even notice that life was passing by?
How did this happen? Tell me what I did for this?
Could I even tell you how I ended up here?
Maybe there’s still a chance,  maybe there’s still a chance for me.
Grace and mercy; I need your grace and mercy
Let your grace and mercy cover me.
What did I do? Tell me what did I do
To push you away, push you away from me?
When will this change? Tell me when will I change
Behaviors of the hateful, spiteful side of me?
Maybe there’s still a chance, maybe there’s still a chance for me.
I don’t know how long it takes to get out of this shameful place
But everyday I’m trying; whoa, I try.  But I still need…

(Illustration by Aleks Sennwald found on


Thousand Foot Krutch (Phenomenon)

2003 Tooth & Nail

This is the song that put Thousand Foot Krutch on the map.  They might not even be on your map now (shame!), but it’s time to change that. I mean, c’mon.  This song has been out since 2003. Go listen to it already!  It helps to jump up and down and throw your fist in the air, too.

This song peaked at #16 on the Rock charts, and has been used on ESPN and Smallville.

I Won’t Dance

Jane Monheit — featuring Michael Buble (Taking a Chance on Love)

Sony 2004

Jane Monheit could sing the phonebook, and I would like it.  Her voice is amazing.  I’m sure you ladies will like Michael Buble, too.  He sings like butter.  Or something really smooth.  Check out their duet, I Won’t Dance.  You’ll like it. and you may dance, after all.

Kountry Gentleman

Family Force 5 (Business Up Front, Party in the Back)

2006 Maverick

This song is ridiculous.  Really.

Ridiculously AWESOME!!!!  🙂  I dare you to listen to this track without smiling, jumping around, or moving. Can’t be done.  Is this deep, meaningful songwriting?  Heck no!  But it sure is fun.  Get the party started! And watch what you say around my momma — she raised me in the durrty south.

Anything Right

P.O.D. (Satellite)

2001 Atlantic

Alternative metal band P.O.D.’s 2nd major label release, Satellite (album) was released on September 11, 2001, and went on to become the band’s best-selling album to date.

Singles Alive (2) and Youth of the Nation (1) were hits, but the entire CD is good.  Anything Right features guest artist Christian of Blindside.

If you can’t handle screaming, you should probably pass this song by.  As a matter of fact, if you can’t stand screaming, it’s probably best you don’t listen to this CD at all.  Or, on the other hand, you could expand your musical palate.  That is entirely up to you.