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Wallpapers! Woo hoo!

Go on over to smashing magazine

and grab yourself a wallpaper.

I am wallpaper ADD, and there are a lot of good ones this month.  Though I’m starting with “Almanac,” I can guarantee you I’ll be changing it before the month is out!

Ok guys:  If you want to see her again, ask, “can I see you again?”  Recently, a friend of mine went on a date.  It wentfairly well.  Well enough for a second date, anyway.  And the whole time the guy seemed very much into her.  But he forgot one very important thing — he forgot to ask for the second date.

Oh, he texted her that week and eventually asked (via text — don’t get me started on THAT!) “what her schedule was,” but guys, don’t do that.  Grow a backbone, and decide whether or not you want to see her again.  If you do, just call her (scary!) and say, “hey, I had a really good time with you the other day. Can I see you again?  Great! What day works for you?”  Boom. done.

Girls: It’s ok to give hints, but don’t ask the guy out.  Make him do some work.

Ladies, I know some of you like to take control.  I know you want to just ask him, “hey! let’s go out again! When is good?”  But don’t.  Make him do some work.  If nothing else, it will help you gauge his level of interest in you.  If you find that you’re always the one setting up date, and you’re always the one initiating communications, odds are he’s just not that into you.   And if he doesn’t call, I’m sorry in advance if you’re disappointed.  But in the long run, you want to be with someone who’s crazy about being with you, anyway.

Mysterious Ways

U2 (Achtung Baby)

1991 Island

This song began as a jam session with a drum machine, and all the band liked was Adam Clayton’s bass part.  Bono said that this was a “bass line in search of a song,” and at one point had a big argument with the producer over the song.

The song finally took shape after The Edge began experimenting with a new effects pedal and Bono told him to use the effect for the song. Drummer Larry Mullen Jr.  added a drum track near the end of recording, introducing a “much groovier beat” that “demonstrated the difference between a drum machine and a real drummer”. Bono calls the song “U2 at our funkiest…Sly and the Family Stone meets Madchester Baggy.”

I don’t know if this is your favorite U2 song, but it’s a good one.  Or rather, “it’s alright, it’s alright.”

Bug Bytes

Alien Ant Farm (Spider-Man)

2002 Columbia

I have always liked Alien Ant Farm, and this track from the Spider-Man soundtrack is one of my favorites.  This song was never released on an Alien Ant farm album.  Plus, it has to do with Spider-Man, and most things having to do with Spider-Man are good (except Spider-Man 3 — that was just horrendous!).

My new song.

It was written in Charlotte, North Carolina on August the 2nd, 2010.

Shoot me an email if you want an MP3.  It’s free music.


How did I get here? Tell me how did I come here?
Did I even notice that life was passing by?
How did this happen? Tell me what I did for this?
Could I even tell you how I ended up here?
Maybe there’s still a chance,  maybe there’s still a chance for me.
Grace and mercy; I need your grace and mercy
Let your grace and mercy cover me.
What did I do? Tell me what did I do
To push you away, push you away from me?
When will this change? Tell me when will I change
Behaviors of the hateful, spiteful side of me?
Maybe there’s still a chance, maybe there’s still a chance for me.
I don’t know how long it takes to get out of this shameful place
But everyday I’m trying; whoa, I try.  But I still need…

(Illustration by Aleks Sennwald found on


Thousand Foot Krutch (Phenomenon)

2003 Tooth & Nail

This is the song that put Thousand Foot Krutch on the map.  They might not even be on your map now (shame!), but it’s time to change that. I mean, c’mon.  This song has been out since 2003. Go listen to it already!  It helps to jump up and down and throw your fist in the air, too.

This song peaked at #16 on the Rock charts, and has been used on ESPN and Smallville.

The Dark Tower and Other Stories by C.S. Lewis

A Review

The Dark Tower contains 6 short stories of fiction by C.S. Lewis.

The story The Dark Tower wasn’t my favorite.  It was well written (of course), had its share of excitement, and even started a love story (yay! if you like that sort of thing).  But the big downer was this: it is unfinished.  I don’t know that I mind it being unfinished; but as soon as the story starts getting good, it’s over, and you’re not far enough into it to draw your own conclusions.   I know that sometimes, part of the fun is just imagining how it will turn out.  And, perhaps I’m just lazy, but I don’t want to.  This should have been a novel; but it wasn’t finished, and I don’t like how now, the unfinished novel turns into a short story (probably just to sell something else with the Lewis name on it, right?)

The four complete short stories after The Dark Tower are all good.  They don’t necessarily have happy endings, but they are fun, quick reads, slightly unsettling, and manage to make you think.  My favorites were The Man Born Blind and Forms of Things Unknown.  They suck you in quickly, and make you want to read more.

The final story in the collection, After Ten Years, is a retelling of a Greek myth.  It is interesting — it’s good; but again, it’s unfinished, and by that time, I found myself hoping for a complete story.  The Dark Tower was enough incomplete story for one compilation.

If you’re looking for something by Lewis to read that you haven’t, then check it out.  Otherwise, I’d say just read the short stories The Man Born Blind and Forms of Things Unknown and save yourself a few hours.

“The point I want to make is that the things I am describing are not over and done with.” — The Dark Tower

Let’s talk about flowers.  

Recently, a friend of mine informed me (in a rather remorseful tone) that she has never received flowers from a gentleman caller.  Where I am saddened that she is saddened over her lack of flowers,  I do not necessarily condone flowers.  I  will NOT be bringing anyone flowers on a first date.  With an “escape hatch” in mind if dates don’t go well,  I don’t want to complicate things any further with flowers.  I know, I know, it will probably get an “awww, that’s so sweet!” from my date, but it also has potential to cause tears.  I can see the “let’s go separate ways” cry now — “but you got me flowers!!”  So, I think I’ll just remove that before it gets started.

I have purchased flowers for a woman (who wasn’t my mother; mother’s day and your mom’s birthday don’t count) twice in my life.  The first one was on about the 6th or 8th date I went on with the girl.  They were “do-you-want-to-be-my-girlfriend” flowers.  That worked pretty well.  The other time, the flowers were for the same girl.  Just because I felt like buying them.  The “random-flowers-for-no-reason” seemed to go over well.

Flowers are nice, to be sure.  Just be careful.  They can be dangerous — any act of affection can be.