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From this morning’s drive to work.

I Will Hold My Head High

Third Day (Wire, 2004 Essential)

Sometimes the night starts closing in
And I’ve lost my way home again
I’m running out of places I can turn
Enemies on every side
Not a friend around for miles
That’s the time it really starts to hurt

Beat me up and drag me down
I’ll never be afraid

I will hold my head high
Lift my hands to the sky
Rise above all who try to bring me down
I will hold my head high

I know you said it’d be okay
Sometimes I question just the same
I wonder if my problems are too small
Then I look back and realize
All your pain and sacrifice
Oh and how you suffered for us all

Beat me up and drag me down
And lock me in or keep me out
Whatever they may throw at me
I’ll turn into a song for you

Do you see the window, or through it?

Is love in tandem with woe?

All the pictures fairest lined

With tears of joy or sorrow.

The lining isn’t silver; it’s golden

Words written, with blood signed

With tears of joy or sorrow

All the pictures fairest lined.

My love is more than you’ve ever seen, and better,

Even though you don’t know

All the pictures fairest lined

Either with tears of joy or sorrow.

Please, open your eyes, and accept

The gift; don’t walk the way of the blind

With tears of joy or sorrow

All the pictures fairest lined.

This is a bad sign.  For humanity.  Satan had a son, and he inadvertently was switched with yours at birth!  Well, maybe this will all work itself out.

Oops.  The son of Satan just killed your wife and unborn child.  Ok, you are a bit angry now.  Well, maybe it was an accident.  What’s this? A 666 birthmark on his head?  Gah! If only you had given him a crew cut!  And you didn’t do a background check on his new nanny…who also happens to be a demon. With a demon dog in tow.

Well, I suppose you’d better kill this kid, then.  He is the anti-Christ, after all.  You’re off to gather 7 knives from Meggido!  After a quick stop in Italy just to make sure you weren’t wrong.  What? More demon dogs?  Run!!!!

Yup.  He’s the anti-Christ.  Ok, got your knives, got your airplane ticket! This will work…if law enforcement doesn’t stop you first.

I liked this movie.  It will creep you out.  Gregory Peck does a great job, and the score is amazing.  But don’t take my word for it.  If you’re in the mood for a creepy, good scary movie without all the hack-n-slash, The (original, 1976) Omen should make your list.

I thought M. Night Shamalamadingdong’s new movie, “Devil,” would suck.  I mean, he hasn’t made a good movie since 2004’s “The Village,” and the goodness of that movie is debatable (ok, I never actually saw “the Last Airbender,” but I did see a preview for it).  But really, “Devil” wasn’t too bad.

The premise of this movie is that the devil comes from Hell every once in while to say hi.  Of course, he kills people when he visits.  This time, he has visited an elevator!  Goodness! Plus, apparently no one ever told these people that Jesus will save you from the devil! Ok, now this is getting terrifying!!!

The tricky part is that you never know who the devil has disguised himself as.  He could be the smarmy salesman, the trashy girl, the old lady, or the criminal enforcer.  All you know for sure is that one of them is the devil, and that he is killing the other people in the elevator one by one.

The main reason I liked this movie is because it is basically a creepy guessing game.  Just when you think you have it figured out, you second guess yourself.  The suspense build-up is pretty good, and the acting is solid throughout.  Ten little Indians, and one is the devil.  Think the card game “mafia,” only people really die.  To figure out who it is, you’ll have to watch the details — the devil is in the details, after all.

It is October, and if you’re in the mood for a creepy movie, check this one out.  It’s a creepy fun time.

What exactly did you expect?

Haven’t you learned anything here?

It’s your decisions that affect

Your disposition and good cheer.

The pain will always reappear

Unless you decide you will change

Choose to forge a new frontier

And old, hurtful habits estrange.

But truth on your wants will infringe;

Require a pleasure delay.

The idea always makes you cringe,

But to make it, the only play.

I’m sorry I can’t choose for you

Faith, love, happiness and correct

Your problems, but I can’t renew

Will without truth, which you reject.