I like baseball.

Major League Baseball has been around since 1876 (the national league, anyway), and the first televised baseball game was in 1939.  The first use of instant replay on TV (for the winter Olympics) was in 1960.

1960!!! The officials in the Winter Olympics were using instant replay in 1960 to get calls correct!!!  So why can’t Major League Baseball use it in 2010 to get calls right?

I am not a cub fan, but on opening day yesterday, against the braves, MLB umpires proved once again that baseball needs to open their eyes and use instant replay.

Nate McClouth, the Braves center fielder, dove to catch a ball against the cubs.  The ball went into his glove, but bounced out when he hit the ground.  The umpires called a catch. Why? because they are all 50 feet away, all looking at the play from the same angle.  

The replay clearly showed there was no catch.  Sure, the umpires had a big pow-wow meeting and discussed it.  But what good is a meeting when everyone has the same angle on the play?  MLB does use instant replay to review whether a potential home run ball is fair or foul.  But it is not enough.  And I am NOT saying they need to analyze balls & strikes via replay; the game would be so slow, it would be ridiculous.  But for plays in the field where you’re going to have a break in the action anyway (when the runners reach base), at least glance up at the jumbotron!!

Every other major league sport uses instant replay as a tool for the officials to get calls correct.  What is the big deal, baseball?  You have no excuse to get calls wrong.  Ever.