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Zeus is an idiot.

“Silly humies don’t pray to me!!” — Zeus

“Ohhh!! I know! Let me have all your power! Then I’ll hurt them for you, and they will be happy!!” — Hades

“Yes… Hades, take my power! Woo hoo! This is a GREAT plan!”  — Zeus

So, they didn’t exactly say those words exactly…but Zeus, in Clash of the Titans, is kind of a big moron.  He gives Hades tons of power to punish the humans for not praying to him…thinking that this will make the humans want to pray to him…yeah. anyway.

This movie had tons of plot holes.

This movie was goofy.

But this movie was fun.

I just wanted to see Clash of the Titans because I wanted to see people fighting  sweet monsters from Greek/Roman mythology.  And I got exactly that (nevermind the fact that it didn’t follow the mythology exactly).   But it was a fun movie.  If you feel like an action kick for a few hours, it’s good!

Final verdict:  Worth seeing.


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All in the golden afternoon

Full leisurely we glide;

For both our oars, with little skill,

By little arms are plied;

While little hands make vain pretense,

Our wanderings to guide. (Lewis Carroll)

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland wasn’t bad.  The colors were nice, the acting was good (albeit strange, like the setting), and it was fun to watch.

But Lewis Carroll’s Alice it wasn’t.  Alice should change her name to Aragorn, as she becomes an unlikely sword-wielding hero by the end of the film.  What we have here is an “epic fantasy adventure” shoved into Carroll’s Wonderland world.

I did enjoy the use of the poem “Jabberwocky” throughout the film (and getting to see the creature), and they did a good job bringing the characters to life.    The movie was still quite strange.

But when all is said and done, it is a decent movie, though it is not (in any way, shape or form) the book.

Final Review:  worth seeing.