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The dead don’t shoot back,

But the tumbleweeds still roll;

Time for a showdown.


Hello Mary Lou

Ricky Nelson (Greatest Hits — Ricky Nelson)

2005 Capitol Records

This is a great song that never made it to #1.  It did, however, make it to #2 in Europe, which is something, I suppose.  It includes a great (and influential, as cited by Queen guitarist Brian May) guitar solo halfway through the song.  On the solo, guitarist James Burton uses one banjo string on his guitar to get that “twangy pop” sound that continues to be emulated in both country and rock guitar today.

Some (Not So Obvious) Things That Make Women Attractive

A Smile
You can’t ever go wrong by smiling.  I mean, if you are missing a lot of teeth or you drool when you smile (or some other random condition), then guys might back away from you.  But a smile is always attractive, no matter what the circumstances.
Eyes are related to smiles in the sense that when you smile (for real) your eyes can light up.  Bright eyes (again, barring random disfiguration of the eyeballs) are quite attractive.  Plus, I don’t think anyone has ever had a problem with you checking out their eyeballs.  There is a reason you’ve never heard, “quit undressing my eyes with your eyes!” It’s silly.
A confident attitude (not stuck-up, vain, or pompous, mind you) is always attractive.  Anberlin, on Never Take Friendship Personal sings, “if you can’t hold yourself together, why should I hold you now?” and I think it is mostly true.  Confidence is always sexy.
Plays Nice With Others
I think women who are kind are hot.  This secret quality goes a long way in my book, and not only does it add to your attractiveness level, but it immediately gives you “possible keeper” status.  I mean, who wants to be with a jerk?

Never Take Friendship Personal

Anberlin (Never Take Friendship Personal)

Tooth & Nail, 2005

The title was made (supposedly) when Anberlin kicked one of its guitarists out of the band.  He was apparently only wanting sex and drugs with his rock & roll.  Wherever it came from, though, the title track from an excellent album is a great tune to scream with as the weather gets nice and you drive a little faster!