Poetry Corner

Do you see the window, or through it?

Is love in tandem with woe?

All the pictures fairest lined

With tears of joy or sorrow.

The lining isn’t silver; it’s golden

Words written, with blood signed

With tears of joy or sorrow

All the pictures fairest lined.

My love is more than you’ve ever seen, and better,

Even though you don’t know

All the pictures fairest lined

Either with tears of joy or sorrow.

Please, open your eyes, and accept

The gift; don’t walk the way of the blind

With tears of joy or sorrow

All the pictures fairest lined.

What exactly did you expect?

Haven’t you learned anything here?

It’s your decisions that affect

Your disposition and good cheer.

The pain will always reappear

Unless you decide you will change

Choose to forge a new frontier

And old, hurtful habits estrange.

But truth on your wants will infringe;

Require a pleasure delay.

The idea always makes you cringe,

But to make it, the only play.

I’m sorry I can’t choose for you

Faith, love, happiness and correct

Your problems, but I can’t renew

Will without truth, which you reject.

Popped collar, popped doors, go back to the future

to see who will meet you, who’ll still be around.

And each time you try, but you’re never quite sure

Whether words, people, or silence will abound.

But the flux capacitor makes you speed

Towards something so bright,  so grand you concede

To the light, to the flow, to the deep water

where you are safe, the waves a chronometer.

Wisdom breeds humility, not bitterness.

Consider: you are not the center of all.

Mercy over sacrifice, I’ll acquiesce.

But different natures will slow you down, stall

progress you have made to make you youier,

Take you down, knock out the wind and make you crawl.

But this is rough, trench warfare has no chauffer;

Everyday is a battle for your mind, will,

And emotions.  Don’t get off track.  Don’t detour

The main road.  For narrow is the way that still

Takes you in the right direction.  Do you know

That no matter what you choose, it’s your free will

In the end, causes you to stay or to go

Higher than you’ve ever been; or down below.

Is it too far gone?  Time to go.

You can’t go back; only forward

Until reaching, you hit plateau.

Is it too far gone?  Time to go

Down, farther down, deep down below;

Only through death life is restored.

Is it too far gone?  Time to go.

You can’t move back.  Only forward.