Sunday Sermons

Today’s sermon recap is taken from Mark Driscoll’s Luke series.

What would compel you to reject Jesus Christ?

1. Theology — Some people reject Jesus because He doesn’t fit into their theology.  “Oh yeah, He’s a good teacher, but He’s not God.” He said He was God.  There’s no way around it.

2. Control — If Jesus comes into your life, He will want control of it.  You can’t say, “hey, Jesus, it’s miracle time! Give me what I want!” Jesus isn’t controlled by us — He is supremely in control.

3. Greed — For some, it’s just all about the money.  Jesus isn’t.  You don’t use God for money.

4. Selfishness — Some would say, “Where’s my miracle?  Where’s my food? Where’s my new job?  Where’s my happiness, where’s my soul-mate?  What about me?”  Complete selfishness can cause people to reject Jesus.

5. Familiarity — People can become so familiar with Jesus that they don’t know who He really is.  They’ve heard all the stories, but never meet him personally.  They even go to church and fulfill their “God” quota for the week, and they’re all set to go.  Don’t let Jesus become so familiar that you fail to see who He really is.

6. Embarrassment — Ok, let’s be honest.  No one ever really gets any cool points for joining Jesus’ team.  and often, Christians do stupid things.  and it’s embarrassing.  and people don’t like to be embarrassed, so they reject Jesus.

7. Comfort — Sometimes, (often) God wants us to do things that aren’t very comfortable.  And we don’t like it.

8. Religion — Religion says, “ok, I believe in God.  I’m a good person.  I’m sure it’ll be all good.”  Religious people don’t need Jesus because they’re doing fine without Him.  And so they reject Him.

DON’T REJECT JESUS! Just because you may have rejected Jesus before doesn’t mean you can’t accept Him now.  There is always hope with Jesus!  I want good for you, and I want you to enjoy the gift of Jesus Christ.


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